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What is Coaching?

Coaching provides a confidential, non-judgmental and self-reflective space for listening, questioning, challenging, exploring and action planning. 

My coaching style is best described as a client-centered partnership. I believe my clients have the resources within themselves to find a way forward. I provide them with the relationship and support needed to achieve their potential and create sustainable lasting change. I firmly believe that in order to achieve extraordinary and sustainable change, clients must make a connection between their outer goals with their inner values and purpose.

Through coaching, I help my clients address self-limiting beliefs, enabling new possibilities and behavioral change. I help them view things with new and clearer perspectives, and in a more positive and less limiting way, allowing them to take responsibility for what they do with them, increasing their self-belief and confidence.

My clients are ready for change, but even more importantly, they are ready to be challenged and committed to something new. They are ready to make things happen! If you feel that coaching can help your company by providing your new managers with the tools they need to create successful work environments, or can help you as an individual manager who wants to make a difference with their employees, then click on the “Contact Me” link below and we can arrange a free no-obligation discovery session. I look forward to meeting you!  

What's the Difference?


Coaching versus Therapy. Therapy tends to focus on fixing problems and analyzing the past. Coaches don’t dwell on issues or the past; rather, they focus on moving clients forward to opportunities and solutions. Therapy focuses on moving the patient from dysfunctional to functional while coaching moves clients from functional to optimal.

Coaching versus Consulting. Consultants are often paid for their expertise to tell the client the best course of action. A coach’s expertise is the coaching process. Coaches don’t tell their clients what to do because they view their client as the expert.

Coaching versus Mentoring. Mentors are often people we admire who have “been there, done that.” They are great as leaders who can “show us the ropes,” but tend to use their own model of success as a guide based on what worked for them. Coaches use the coaching process to help clients define their own model of success.